Friday, May 20, 2011

Capture it- Reflections and Shadows

It is important to pay close attention to reflections and shadows in the environment. They can both add something to your photograph.

Think about it a puddle on a rainy day, reflections in water of a lake , photographing at low tide on a beach can all tell a story. Reflections add color, texture and allows something else to catch the eye in your photograph. Reflections can show a bigger picture of the overall moment without adding a lot of details. Think about a picture of a child looking out a window--their reflection in that window can tell the mood without knowing any of the details around that child.

It might be tempting to stay away from them because you are unsure if you will get a properly lit subject. But, it's worth exploring them. Play with the shadows and what they can add to your photograph. The main thing you need to remember is playing with your artistic side can bring out great results. But, you will never know if you don't try.


  1. Great perspectives! I recently took some photos of my little guy's classmates at preschool for the end of the year....and when I got home, I realized that they were cast in shadows - but after some thought, I decided I liked it that way! We had a nice Oak tree as a background - and it really added to the overall "look" of each photo.

    Have a great weekend and thank you for such a great blog! :)

  2. Thanks S! Thanks for following along. :) I am sure your photos were beautiful! :)