Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Request Post- Shortcuts in the Kitchen

So, I was asked to do a post on saving time in the kitchen. Yikes! I have some ideas, but I feel I need more ideas on that topic myself! So, if you have them I am all ears!

The Casserole: Here is the thing, I am not a big casserole girl and neither is my family! I know those can be time savers, but they just don't fit the way we eat.

Pre prep your produce. Meaning, bring it home and clean it. You can do the cutting for your own fruit and veggie tray then and there also. Just be sure that it’s stuff that won’t turn on you before you eat it.

Make the freezer your friend—check on dishes that can become once a month cooking. Or marinade your meat in a baggie and place it in the freezer. You can also pre prep meat to place in there. Think cutting, seasoning, etc.
Cook once eat twice. I often make leftover chicken to use the next night in another meal. Saves me time and it's not really leftovers, but a different meal with a similar ingredient.
Gather ingredients and store them together. I saw this great bin system and wanted to share it, now is a perfect time.  Check it out here!

Prep meals when you have time, not right at dinner. Are you feeling rush and flustered at dinner time? Why not make a few moments in the morning to prep some things for that evening?

There are more quick tips and shortcuts when you go here.

Hope these all prove helpful and share your own in the comments. Comments can become a running conversation!

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