Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Mission of Motherhood- A bit early this week.

So, I am posting this early and covering 2 Chapters this week. Why? Well, after May, I will be going down to 5 posts max a week. My time for posting will be shorter and so I need to make it more reasonable for me. After all, my mothering comes first! :)

Chapter 10- The Creative Mother
"Our children are not just brains that need to be developed academically or trained to think right thoughts. Our children were designed by God to receive pleasure through their sensed, their hearts, their minds, because of all the wonderful things he made for us to enjoy--and also to come to know their Creator through the works of his hands."

We can experience God's creation through our senses, words, ideas, the natural world.
I agree when she talked about shutting off the computers, phones, TVs. When they are all turned off you have a time of creativity, quite time to ponder your thoughts, and enjoyment from the wonderful world that surrounds you. You may not feel creative, but there is creativity in each of us. No we are not all artists but that is not the only form of creativity.

We have a comprehensive mission as Moms. We are called to help in developing the whole child. Take joy in that.

Chapter 11- The Ministering Mother
Teaching our children to minister to others is so important. Letting them know they were designed to serve others with their special gifts and talents.

I think one thing that is important to note in this chapter is: "Significantly, Jesus chose no professionals as his disciples. he chose common, ordinary men to do that work of God's kingdom. Spiritual qualifications in the mind of Christ are not dertermined by teh degrees a person has earned at a university or a professional resume but by the anointing of His Spirit and by a willingness to serve in obedience to God's commands."

Again, children have to see this modeled to know how to do it. Allowing children opportunites to serve is something that should be encouraged.

Service comes in many forms and at different times, you just have to be ready to serve whenever you are called and however you are called to serve. That will certainly help to pass on a legacy of outreach to your children.

So, as we are getting to the close of the book. What have you taken away from the book? What have been your favorite chapters? Who has read along? Who plans to read this book now?

Only one chapter is left for discussion. Hope you have enjoyed these posts, questions and random thoughts.

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