Monday, August 1, 2011

Money Saving Monday--Back to School shopping

So, back to school shopping is just around the corner or perhaps you started. I have not started, but will be "starting" soon. My first step in that process is making the list of what Little Man really needs. Then, I check the items that I have already. I've begun buying ahead a little so now is the time, I check the stock of what was bought. By now, I am fairly confident in his growth pattern. Which seems to have settled into a cycle. Maybe it will stay the same, maybe it won't. We will see.

Two links for you to check out:
Here is an article on Kids Clothing advice that you may want to read. LINK
Here is an article on best time to buy kids clothes based on seasons. LINK

What advice do you all have on back to school shopping and clothing shopping in general? Do you consignment shop? Shop off season in sales? Shop in season sales? All of the above?

Food shopping this week and your deals:

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