Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to encourage and yet prepare one for failure...

I struggle with this one. I want to encourage Little Man in everything he does. I want him to pour his heart out into whatever is his passion at the time. I want him to give his best--to be the best that he can be--whatever that is on that day.

Yet, I want to ease the blow of failure. I don't want to take it away. Not ever. I think when we fail at things or do less than what we expect of ourselves, we learn. Yes, I do feel that we learn though failures and hard times. But, as a Mom, it hurts to watch that struggle and the heart break that comes with it. Yet, I know through those times, God is working, too. So, I would not take them away.

Little Man, entered some pictures that he took into a contest. He didn't place. No ribbon was hung by his pictures as we looked at them hanging on the wall. Yet, I told him how proud I was of him for putting himself out there. The fact that he tried and did his best was what counted. My words were heard, perhaps even taken to heart. But, sadness still fell on his little face.

I was worried  and wondered would he feel so defeated that he wouldn't want to try again? If so, how would I handle that? What words of wisdom would I have to offer him that he could grasp on to at that time? I didn't have to worry long though. Instead of total defeat, he proclaimed that he was trying again next year. Not only was he trying that, but he was trying another contest as well. In my head, it was Ahhh, that's my boy! I told him how proud I was of him--my husband and I both did. Then we cheered him up with petting a few animals. Nothing like animals to cheer my kid up. He is in his glory when he is around animals. You can tell he is at total peace and fully happy surrounded by them. Sometimes I joke that we should really be living on a farm with our kid.

Anyway, the lesson out of this? He's determined. He's willing to take the risk again. He'll keep trying his best knowing his best is all he can do. I could not be prouder. That drive and determination will take him further than what one ribbon could have done.

By the way, here are the photos he entered. Minus one of two sisters because I didn't ask their Mom's permission before this post and I don't post pictures of kids without permission. It was pretty--just take my word on that one.

A boy with his camera and his own sense of editing and style. Doesn't always match mine (and it shouldn't), but I do LOVE it. Yes, that's my boy!

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