Friday, July 29, 2011

Photo Friday

So, for those of you that look forward to my Friday Photo posts when I do them, I am hoping to get back into the tips or sharing of some great photo places around the web on a more regular basis again.

Little Man is working on photos he has been taking this summer, I will share them come fall. I want to keep them under wraps right now as he is planning on entering them in a contest. I love his eye and take on photos. Sometimes I sit back and think, I wouldn't photograph it quite that way. But, then I look and see what he has seen and captured and I go WOW, that is cool.

Those of you that are following along, who has used my tips? How have the pictures turned out? What questions do you have so far? I have an assignment for you. Have fun with it!

Assignment: Go into your garage (yes, I said the garage) and place your little ones just inside with them facing out toward the outside. You will stand on the outside and capture them. In there, the light is constant and gives you a large window of light to work with. It's indirect light and with that you can achieve some pretty cool results. You could also use your front porch if your garage sounds too weird. :) This is a softer light and you will see can create some beautiful results.

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