Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back after being "away" for over a week!

We were not physically away for over a week. But, we did escape for a magical weekend as a family. It was truly a memorable weekend with a once in a lifetime experience.
I have to admit, it's been great not blogging for a while. I needed the break. I needed to feel like I had a fresh set of ideas to come back with and take time to decide the direction the blog would take in the future.

Do you know what I realized in that break? I realized that the only thing I want to do is share. Share the journey of life with others. I want to offer a place where you can come for tips on things (saving Money, fun things to do with the kids, recipes, inspiration, faith, etc.). But, instead of worrying all the time about what my readers want me to share, I decided that it's best just to share what I feel I am compelled to share. You see the goal of this blog was to help others and to offer a small, tiny space where you could come to feel welcomed as you are and leave feeling a bit inspired or refreshed. So, what's going to be happening? Here is the short of it:

  • If you came to find the money saving tips--great. I'll still be doing that because that's part of helping others.
  • If you came for inspirational stories, songs, ideas. Awesome, there is more of that to come for sure.
  • If you came for the recipes. Great, I will share more of that. I like sharing recipes with others. it's fun. Plus, you get the bonus of knowing if I can cook it you certainly can!
  • If you came to read my marathon posts. Yep, I'll kick some of them in here too. Did I mention, I just added another kind of race to my bucket list? So, the fun will continue. What on earth am I thinking?!? 
  • If you came for the guest blogger and his photography, that will be coming back soon. Can't wait to share his eye with all of you again.
  • If you came for something else perhaps a reason you are unsure of but something keeps drawing you back. Welcome and know you are in good company because I sometimes don't know why I am posting anyway! :)

I don't publicize this blog, yet somehow it has reached many other countries and I am always wondering how. I am not on facebook--I know I am in the stone ages here. So I wonder, how do people find this blog? Care to share? Leave a comment. That's one thing I am always happy to get, comments. A girl needs to know she isn't talking to herself. And if you feel this blog is worth sharing, pass it along.

I will be back again soon with more. But, for now, I wanted to let everyone who is still here and looking for a post know that I am OK and I am ready to start posting again.

Have a super day, everyone!

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