Thursday, August 4, 2011

Training and a Laugh...

Earlier this week we (Little Man and I) were out training. I was training; he was "coaching". That day, I was practicing the pace that I want to keep at the marathon. It's not my fastest pace, but I read something about training your body to know the pace so your muscles can remember it. Hope it works!!!

Anyway, we were out and his inspiration that day for me to move faster was this:
Mom, just think there is a pack of hungry wolves behind you. Think about them closing in on you and know that all they eat is ladies.

I am going to try NOT to think about that next time I am out in the dark!


  1. How sweet! A pack of Lady-eating wolves. This guy has potential in the Inspirational world!!! - Marj

  2. Yeah, it was certainly good for a laugh that day! :)