Friday, August 5, 2011

Hard time of year...

This time of year is hard for many reasons:
  • Back to school comes upon us and I hate the thought of losing little man and my extra time with him. I adore our time together. Come fall, I have to share him again. But, I just keep reminding myself that others deserve the blessing of knowing him and having him in their lives, too!
  • It's a hard time of year because it's around this time that our second child should have been born and yet I visit a grave instead of planning a birthday party.  Not easy.
  • Life just feels extra rushed this time of year--not sure why as we are always rushed.
  • This year, it's extra hard as I am watching my Gram suffer and can see the end coming near. My Gram has always been more like a Mom to me, so it's so hard to watch this happen. She's not only been like a Mom--she's been an amazing one at that. I always said to meet her is to love her. She's easy to love and is loved and adored by many--as was my Grandfather.

So while in this blogging world I don't often get too personal, today I let my guard down a bit more. Not something I am totally comfortable with in "blogland" or real life for that matter, but taking the little leap here today. Speaking of leaps, I am going to be deciding the direction of this blog. I feel like it doesn't have one right now...but, maybe that is good. I don't know.

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