Monday, August 29, 2011

Saving Money...

First, before the links to the store deals, let's talk about saving Money on Back to School Clothes.
So, how do you do that?
1. Go through what you have already. You may be surprised to find what you already have that still fits.
2. Decide how much is enough of everything. I have a check off sheet for this, so I know buying ahead as well what I have already stored for the next season.
3. Yes, buy ahead when you can. This took me a while to get used to.
4. Shop discount stores, but look for quality. I prefer to buy better quality and only have a few than cheap quality and buy more. The better stuff holds up and if you really love it, you love to wear it more.
5. Burlington does have the sales they say they do on TV. Just scored some great NFL wear from there for Little Man for cheap. Good quality stuff at a GREAT price.
6. Organize a swap with some friends.

Here is a video from the Today show on decluttering your closet and simplify your life.
Find it here!

In September, I will be getting a blog roll going on the side bar. Links to some of my favorite sites and places that I go for inspiration as well as money saving ideas.

STORE DEALS:BI LO - I think I have a reader that has this store near them. :)
Don't forget the extra Darrenkamp coupons that are happening right now.

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