Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Camp Day- Your Very Own

So, HT because you asked for more, everyone gets more.
Planning your Own Camp Day Checklist:
1. Find help. You'll need someone to run or introduce the stations.
2. Pick a theme.
3. Keep things simple. It doesn't have to be complex to be fun!
4. Create a schedule. (Day(s), times, timeline for the day(s), location, stations)
5. Set limits/rules.
6. Schedule down time (this helps everyone)
7. Schedule people based on their talents and what they like best.
8. Have a set list of supplies and everyone brings what they can or have someone purchase them and divide the cost.
9. Set things up ahead of time and try everything before you have an audience.
10. Have fun! Remember why you are doing this--memories and kids! That's all that matters.

That's the short and simple way to start your own camp.

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