Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I noticed since we are eating less and less processed foods and more and more whole foods, I am not couponing as much. Well, for food at least.

I am still couponing for cleaners, shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, etc. But, as far as food coupons--there are not many for produce and meat. So, besides whole grain breads, granola, oatmeal, rice, yogurt and protein bars/powder. We are just not using that much. I am just trying to find the best deals on produce and such and get those while sticking to the budget.

Also, has anyone else noticed the coupons and policies are changing? Don't see as many coupons for under $1 anymore. Instead of .50 off 1 they are doing $1 off 2. Well, with the .50 off 1. I could have used 2 coupons if I got 2 items and then it would have been doubled and been $2 off 2. Sigh....

There are still good deals to be had out there though. Share your deal of the week with us and inspire others with your savings.


  1. Funny...I was just saying the same thing to Victor the other day. My toothpaste and body wash stock piles are doing pretty good, so I mostly just shop the sales lately and hardly use any coupons. But I still clip them for when my stockpiles get lower! Just don't need them as often.

    So thanks for all the tips on shopping the sales because that has been huge!

  2. Our next Money Saving Monday has to do with inseason and produce. I am excited to share other ideas and ways to score deals or save money. :)