Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Top 10 for the training

OK, so a while back I mentioned training for the marathon. (Power Walk/race walking/crawling by the end not running). Anyway, I asked for people to say heck yeah if they wanted to hear about it. I needed 8 heck yeahs to post about it in a regular form. Well, I had one heck yeah. So, I didn't post about it. Then, I got a few emails and phone calls saying they wanted to hear about this. Talk about mixed messages people. :)
Anyway, I'd love to share the journey with all of you, but I do still need to hear yes from my readers to post about this on a regular basis.
However, for those that emailed and called here is a little bit of how things are going a top 10 so to speak.

1. I hate blisters. But, they don't stop me. Yes, I have good shoes and socks for those of you that are wondering and caring about my poor feet. I did try to get a different pair, but find I always go back to the pair I was fitted with by the shoe lady. She really knew what she was talking about. Those shoes have been kind to me for the most part and I really need to get another pair, I just hate the cost of them.

2. Early mornings are better for me or I guess late at night could work too as I won't be seen by too many then either. (see #3 as to why)

3. Race walking requires a bit of butt shaking. I don't like butt shaking. I tend to only race walk when I don't see people or cars around. Think side streets early in the AM. What does race walking look like? I will post a link at the end for all of you. But, think about when you tell a child not to run and they go into this thing that isn't running or walking. Yep, that's it. If you are a teacher you know what I mean. Ask a child to walk in the hall and they slow down a bit, only to continue lgoing ooking like something is stuck up their butt and moving at a faster pace than walking. Yep, that's race walking. :)

4. For those of you on the side streets that I frequent. Ignore the girl you see shaking her butt. She is really sorry that you have to witness it. Just turn your head and remember she really does know how to jog.

5. Which leads me to a fear that I have while race walking. My fear is the cars passing me might feel bad for me thinking I can't jog correctly. I can hear them now or I do every time a car passes, I keep think they are thinking and/or saying. "Oh look at that poor woman, she can't jog correctly." I can, really I can. I’ve toyed with the idea of getting a shirt that says "yes, I can jog I just choose to race walk."

6. I've decided to train with more hills than will be in the race. This way, when I hit a hill in the race it won't be as bad, right? Just say yes to make me feel better.

7. I told friends my goal was to finish the race. They laughed and asked why my real goal was. I think they know me too well. But, really my goal is to finish. Of course, then there is the reach goal and dream goals that I have set for myself. See, I told you they know me too well.

8. At this point, I am keeping a journal to make a marathon book for myself. A little scrapbook of sorts--this scrapbook will serve one of two purposes. 1) To look back on the marathon and serve as a reminder that I did complete that item on my list. 2) To look back on my first marathon and see how far I came when I am on multiple marathons. Did I really even say that #2 was an option? Must have been an easy day of training today.

9. Approaching storms can make you move faster. Well, at least they make me move faster. At that point, I am so worried about the storm I block out the fact that my butt is shaking for the world to see.

10. I enjoy and it totally makes me laugh when I take little man on his bike out training with me. The first time I did this, I was in for a shock. Have you ever watched the Biggest Loser and seen Jillian yelling to inspire her people to work harder? Well, little man took a note from her book and did his own form of encouraging for me. It was too cute! Not only did he do that but, we were only supposed to go 6 miles that day. He had me do 10 before I knew it. Then, at mile 9.5 he told me he thought I should sprint the rest. Saying very loudly to me…"you want to win this thing don’t you?!" He’s lucky he’s cute that’s all I have to say!

So, I promised a video for race walking. Here is one. I am still working to improve my form.
race walk video (Adding: Don't click thinking you are seeing me here! No way do I want that on video!) Here is another one...Race walking by the pros 
Also, I am gathering up some inspiration quotes for race day. Here is one that I found.
"That's not sweat, it's your fat cells crying" More quotes/inspiration another day.


  1. Way to go, Amy!!! You have me cracking up. Heck yeah, I want to hear about your training. So glad Little Mr. Jillian is pushing you to achieve your best potential!

  2. Thanks, Marj!
    If my butt shaking has you cracking up just by hearing about it imagine the people that have to see that!