Tuesday, July 12, 2011


My main question that I would ask you is:
Do you think we are choosing excellence for our children when it comes to schooling here in the US?
My answer: Simply put, No.
This is a touchy subject for me. Meaning be ready for me to share my opinions and speak in truth when talking about it. But, I only speak the truth because I love my child and well, if you know me you know I just love kids in general.

That said, I am glad that others are speaking up and out when it comes to education in this country. Because you know what? Our kids deserve better! I want to see focused, commited, serious leaders. I want teachers, adminstrators, and all leaders of this country to strive to make education in the US full of excellence not mediocrity! Let me say this loud and clear "good enough" is NOT "good enough" when you are dealing with kids! Instead we need to be choosing excellence for all children.

So,what can you do as a parent to make sure this happens? It starts by being well informed. This means being in touch with what is happening in your state and school district. It means taking the time to be involved. You'd be amazed at the pieces of the puzzle that you can put together by going to those public meetings. Then, provide feedback (positive, as well as opportunities for growth) to your state and district. Most of all, don't be afraid to speak out. I think we are all a little afraid, until one day it will hit you real hard that...This is the future of your child and our country at stake.

Now, I think I better stop before you really get an earful!

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