Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Teacher Gift Ideas... (Profound video as well)

First, before we get into the teacher gift ideas. I'd like to share this video that I stumbled upon last night. So, I decided to share it. Profound....Video on Food that if you eat food in the US you should see.

Ok here is the list of ideas for you and places to check for the ideas. But, let me start by saying that the best gifts I got when I was a teacher was the heartfelt cards and notes from the kids. They were the best. :) My students and their families always spoiled me too much though.

1.) This whole site is awesome! Check them out to find this cute little idea for a teacher by clicking here. They even provide you with a download of it for FREE! You'll love this site!
photo from eighteen25 blogspot.

 2.) Have a coffee lover for a teacher. Check out their idea of thanks latte. I told you their site was awesome!

3.) Need other ideas do I dare say she has more that are quick and easy and oh so cute. Yep she does
quick cheesy teacher appreciation gifts are found at that link.

Yes, hitting that website was a goldmine of ideas. Keep looking around there--so much to see. I love it! I don't know her at all, but can I say two words to describe her would be giving and creative.

I have more for you. Just check out the other places below!

Skip to my lou has ideas for teacher appreciation There are plenty that are listed. This is a super cute site too!

family fun and great gifts for teachers : This link provides you with lots of ideas.

So, if you are not feeling all that creative you have a bunch of ideas now at your finger tips!

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