Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Labels and ideas on end of the year teacher gifts...

Doing things a bit different today. I am asking for you to share your ideas for end of the year teacher gifts. I'll compile the comments and emails that I get into a post that I will add other ideas to. I think it's always great to share. If you have a picture to go along with your gift idea, send it. Now, let's make it all easier on each other and get a great list going for teacher gift ideas.

Plus I am sharing a deal that a friend passed along. A big thanks to J for passing this along for me to share!!! :) Thank you friend!
This was in email form. She had gotten it and I am passing it along...
Friendly Stickers


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Have a great day everyone!


  1. For my kids, I do a "welcome to summer" gift each year. This year, I am doing one for the teachers. It consists of a small circular container (from dollar store) holding a beach towel, flip flops, water bottle and some other items. I added a gift card, but you could have fun with this...frisbee, kite, sunscreen, book, etc.

    Also, another good summertime idea for you is something called They sell temporary tattoos with your phone number on them. I plan to put them on my kids at the beach this summer so if they get lost, they just have to show their tattoo. Awesome! (I know C is probably too old, but other readers might like the suggestion!)

  2. I took individual pictures of each of my son's preschool classmates (in an outdoor setting) as well as a group photo with his teachers and put it together in a 5x7 collage. I then bought inexpensive acrylic frames and gave each child/teacher one for the last day of school. Figured it would be a great keepsake for everyone and it truly was an inexpensive project! :)