Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Father's Day Ideas

Here are some very cute Father's Day ideas! Or at least a start for you to get your brain rolling!

But, if this list leaves you wanting more be sure to check out Thirty Sixth Avenue Blog as she got a few more together over there. Especially those of you that will be gifting ties!

There is a cute photo idea over at the Crafting Chicks just click here!

Dad's Token Tin for all the ideas and a free Printable go here!

Father's Day +Paint Samples=Cute crafty gift to get the idea go here.
eighteen25 blog again!

Father's Day Tie Box: This super cute idea was taken from eighteen25.blogspot.com. I've mentioned this blog before. Bookmark it now. It's just so cute!!! The idea was from Martha Stewart. The template is found here. Go to the blog to get all the details.
eithteen25 blog. I heart that blog can you tell?!

A&Wesome Dad:
From Nothing but Country
You can find the printable for this project here
Trophy for Dad:
http://crafts.kaboose.com/trophy-for-dad.html for the instructions on this craft.

Family Fun has some cute Father's Day ideas as well.
Check them out here!

Pop-Fizz idea:
You have to go check this cute blog to see the Father's Day idea and then get your own free printable to create this for yourself. You can go there by clicking here

Father's Day Pop 009 copy
photo is from WhipperBerry Blog

Hope this helped get the ideas going for Father's Day! Enjoy!!!


  1. I knew that if I visited here I would b inspired for fathers day!! U rock, as usual!!

  2. Thanks, HT! :) Hope this leaves some little ones busy creating! Enjoy the ideas. Little Man loved getting some of these together for his Dad.

  3. We are doing the A&W (A&Wesome Dad!) Such a cute idea, and inexpensive too. Thanks Amy!

  4. You are welcome! Each of these could be dine for under $5. The tin and holders were a little less than $2. Of course if you had a coupon even less than that. We had paper on hand and ink so we were good to go. Glad you girls found this helpful! More fun crafts and gift ideas to come this summer!