Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Activity Jars

We have our Summer List ready to go, I swear (not really, but ya know the saying I swear), Little Man keeps adding to our list. It's OK though, I LOVE having him home and being able to do cool things with him. Whatever is cool in the eyes of a Little Man that is. :)
These jars are such a cute idea! I just had to share with you.
For the Full Details and FREE printables head on over to The Crafting Chicks.
They also have a super cute grab bag idea for summer as well. How fun!

Questions for my readers and this requires you all to leave comments too! Please do, a girl doesn't like talking to herself ya know. :)
1. What are your summer plans and how do you come up with them?
2. What are some of your favorite blogs. I am going to try to get my list ready and on the sidebar over the next few weeks.But, wondering what blogs I should be checking out. Point me in the right direction folks!
Happy Summer Day to all of you!!!


  1. Well...we've been in "summer" mode since before Memorial Day since preschool lets out early! Sesame Place, Lake Tobias, Pool, Hershey Park Boardwalk, Chuck E Cheese, Splash Day at home, Duck Pond and so much more planned! So much fun...we LOVE summer!! I actually made a list on my phone of places to go, things we want to do, etc (with the kids input, of course!)

    A great blog that I've been following is Couponing to Disney. It isn't just a Disney Blog - they offer so many saving strategies, tips, etc. Great blog...highly recommend! :)

  2. Great Plans, Sarah! I'm checking out the blog you suggested too! THANK YOU! :) Of course it would be Disney related, right? :)