Thursday, June 2, 2011

Extreme Couponing...showing possible fraud?

I am all about deals, but Extreme couponing would never want me. I don't buy 100 boxes of anything at a time. I won't spend 60 hours planning my trips. My goal is to save us money on our groceries. If I come across a good deal on a coupon and I can't use it, I will get it and give it to a friend that can. My stockpile is so small compared to others. But, it puts my mind at ease that at least I am not hording!

However, I had been talking to friends about what I read about the can we say this...
Coupon Fraud? I promised I would post the articles I had, check the link.

And then you can check out the more in depth article here.

You decide. My question is how is this show going to impact us who use coupons correctly to save our families money? I guess time will tell.

Your thoughts???

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