Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fashion Post and Where will this blog be going?

This year, I am not sure...I have ideas. But, no set plans. So, we will see where it goes in due time. Until then, enjoy the ride. :)

Today a FASHION Post...
Fashion, that's a topic around our house lately. Seems Little Man is acquiring a taste for ties again. Only, picture's a white t-shirt,  jeans, black sneakers, a button up grey shirt (that is unbuttoned so you can see the white shirt) with a black skinny tie hanging around the neck 1/2 done. Different, but he looks cute no matter what! I like that he's not afraid of trying something new that he thinks is cool.

As for me, I would totally be seen in this outfit.. I always see these cute outfits on pinterest and notice they are from polyvore. Most of the items are spendy, but you can adapt and just go for the looks. This one is from and you can expect to see others from there too.
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