Monday, January 9, 2012

Bucket Fillers and a conversation...

So, the school/classroom has bucket fillers as their means of getting the children to behave and think of others. Although I see value in this, I also see where it has flaws. I won't go into the rambles of that, as it is not the point.

I just want to share a conversation that happened between Little Man and I at the beginning of the year. He was discouraged because he wasn't getting a lot of pom poms, but was doing nice things and doing as he should. However, at the same time a light when on in his head that made it Ok on some level.

He said you know Mom, I don't just do nice things in our class or when I know I will get the Pom Poms as a reward. I do them whenever I can because that is what God would want me to do. I do them for HIM not for the Pom Poms. As a mom, my heart melted, my eyes filled with tears and I knew right then and there, it never matters how many pom poms he gets. Because his heart is right where it should be.


  1. What a great way to start off the week - with a smile after reading your post! Such a sweet kid! Love it!

  2. Thanks, S. You are soooo sweet. Yes, when he comes out with these things, it melts me in so many ways!!