Monday, September 12, 2011

Wedding on a budget

So, Money Saving Monday today is a wedding on a budget or even a reunion for that matter. Thought it might be helpful to some blog readers. :)

Here are some links to help in your planning:
frugal living - Wedding Ideas
The Frugal Life- Tips on weddings
Being Frugal- Weddings

How does a Farm Wedding Look?
Something like this
Or maybe like
something along these lines
Or maybe even like this

More Farm/Outdoor Country themed ideas:
outdoor country wedding ideas
rural wedding
country weddings and reception decor

The possibilities are endless and I think you can do a lot on a small budget if you already have a farm and some friends that are willing to help out. The feel of it, just depends on the time of year you get married. Spring and summer, I think more flowers and light airy feel to it. Fall more pumpkins, hay bails, fall leaves etc.

These links should help you on your way to planning a great Farm wedding or inspire a Farm Family Reunion.

Just remeber the day is more about the promise and your life together than the decorations and favors.

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  1. =) Thanks a million! (I'm doing a lot of mine DIY)