Monday, February 20, 2012

Vegan here we come....

So, I have been trying to pull together the Vegan Challenge page. As you can see it is up and running. However, I will be adding more over there. More information, ideas, links, etc.

One of the resources I added was
This site is like a food only Pinterest! Don't say I didn't warn you. I can get addicting!

Many of you have said you are interested in my Vegan journey. I'll be sure to detail it for you all. It should be entertaining. Anytime I try to cook new things, it gets entertaining. Who knows, maybe I will be a better vegan cook than a regular cook.

Little Man and my husband will not be taking this on with me. However, most of Little Mans lunches are vegan already. Yes, he takes chickpeas and such for protein in his lunch. He loved the Vegan Chili that I made a while back. But, they will be taste testing and doing some vegan meals with me. I won't cook two meals every single night.

Things will be interesting around here -- that's for sure! So, I hope you enjoy the rambles on this from time to time, as well as the recipes.

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