Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Social Networking...

I never know the answer and still don't when I ask the question : "Do I want to social network this little blog of mine?". Honestly, I sometimes feel I am just trying to figure out what I want my voice to be.  Until I figure that out I shouldn't bother growing it. But, then I wonder if this is inhibiting my goal of reaching others. Does anyone know what I am talking about?
I've also questioned my social networking on a personal level. I don't twitter, facebook, etc. Sometimes, I think that this is a good thing, other times I wonder.

You see the good thing is that I develop my friendships in person, not through online posts. But, then there are times where friends are posting things online and feeling as though they have already told everyone. Ummmm...yeah, not me. So, you can get left out or left behind. However, you can also see who those true friends are, the ones that make sure they connect in real time. They take the time to be friends, not just convenient friends, but real, true, there for you friends.

However, am I missing opportunities to connect because of this? Could it just be another avenue to connect? But, not allow it to be the only avenue. Which is where I personally think that people go wrong -- they forget about having personal relationships, instead of just online ones.
Read about a teens "Amish Project" here. It might surprise you.


  1. I used to feel the same way about Facebook. But I can tell you that I now feel completely different about it. It has been such an incredible avenue to reconnect with people that I never would have found otherwise. It has been such a wonderful way to see family and friend's pictures - which I wouldn't be able to see otherwise. It has been such a wonderful way to relate to other moms - to listen to funny stories, share tips, ask opinions, etc.. It really is the only form of social media that I whole-heartedly enjoy on a daily basis! I still connect with all of my true friends on a regular basis - but it has been such a joy to share pictures, stories, etc. through facebook over the past few years. I truly enjoy your blog - and I think you have so many wonderful things to share - so facebook (or some other social networking media) might just be a great way to do that! :) Just my two cents! :)

  2. Thanks, Sarah! I always appreciate your thoughts. :)