Saturday, December 17, 2011

Reading the bible in a year...

So, if you all remember, Little Man was trying to do this. Here is the post about it.Read old post here!
My heart is swelling because as I sit here almost a year later, he is almost there. He will be there and finished by Dec 31st. Something about this Little Man, all he does is set his mind to something and watch out! It's been amazing to watch and be a part of this.
I can say that this type of bible was perfect and would make a great gift for those kids in your life. There is a less challenging one as well if I am recalling correctly.
The One Year Bible for Kids, Challenge Edition
He's enjoyed it and I've enjoyed our discussions. So, I asked what he will do when he's done. Read it again of course. :) But, I think he is hoping for a new devotional this year. Be still my heart!

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