Monday, November 28, 2011

What do you do when your child tells you they know Santa isn't real?

I've suspected for a number of years that Little Man was on the fence--maybe even just playing along to make us feel good. The kid has an amazing heart, so I wouldn't put it past him.

Well, turns out I was right. He let us know that he knew that Santa was not real. That we were Santa and he was OK with it all. I knew it was coming, in fact my husband and I had a conversation just a few weeks ago wondering when it would all come to a head.

So, was I shocked? No. (Although, I still got tears in my eyes because this was just something else to add to the long list of things that say he is growing up fast.)

Was I prepared? Actually, yes I was. Because I had time to prepare.

You see one day when he was 5, he let us know clear as day that there was no tooth fairy and there was no Easter Bunny. The kid had not even lost a tooth. So, I never got to play the tooth fairy. Sniff, sniff. Although, thankfully he's did a good job allowing friends to still believe.

But, that day, he gave a hint that he was totally on the fence and was not really all into the Santa thing either. I skirted that one, as I was not prepared to have my 5 year old tell me there was no Santa either. But, I knew he was questioning the whole thing and even wanting that conversation. But, what's a Mom to do?

Simple, be prepared with the truth. The simple, honest truth. So, I worked at it and then last year, I came across something so well written that I knew it would help me with my truth letter/talk. So, I began my letter to Little Man and used some of this writing to help me.

Here is the link to what I used for inspiration. I hope this helps you writing your own letters or having your own talk.

 Link: The Simple Truth

Because this did help me, it helped to explain it in such a wonderful way to him.

The outcome: He's thrilled to be on Santa's team and I have to say he's a great addition!

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  1. Oh man, Amy...I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes reading this letter to child about santa and although glad to now have place to turn when this day arrives, I pray it's not for a long time. 5. Oh geez!