Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Ok, so some of you have emailed and it seems this RACKs idea is taking off. I'm glad you all are as excited as we are about this. This has always been a passion of mine. We do this as we feel called throughout the year but, this Christmas we are making a list and a point to do more.
I've heard from some of you that you are worried about the $ it will cost to do this. I decided to get a list together of ideas that would not cost a lot. In fact I think the whole list will cost less than $10 total.

Things to keep in mind as you create your list:
RACKs are not about the money you invest, instead it is about the way you make a person feel.

Here are just a few ideas that are meaningful and cost are not high.
1. Buy a box of Candy canes and attach one of them to the RACK note, leave it on a windshield or a neighbors door. (There are what 12 in a box, you can do this 12 times, just because it is the same to you doesn't mean it is the same to everyone you gave it to.)

2. Make cards and call a local nursing home or retirement home. Find out who doesn't get much mail and send a card from Santa. :)

3. Visit a local nursing home with candy canes in hand.

4. Make Hot Cocoa and deliver it to someone working outside or someone you think could use a pick me up.

5. Donate clothing to those in need.

6. Bake Cookies and then package them to give to someone who could use a treat.

7. Stand outside a busy store that doesn't have automatic doors and open them for others, do this for a period of time.

8. Donate your time to a cause--whatever cause that may be.

9. Write a note to someone who has made an impact on your life and tell them why.

10. Donate gently used books to a school or library.

You can go here for another inspiration!
52 Random Acts of Kindness - One a week for a year!

So, go spread kindess and be a blessing to others.

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