Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So, how did it go? and Thanksgiving!

I bet you are all wondering. Ok, by you all, I mean those of you that have been reading about the Marathon and that it was coming up.

Well, it's over and I am still here to talk about it. :) More than that, I will have a post that I am getting ready to share with all of you. But, more of that later, when I get my thoughts together and ready to share with all of you.

I also wanted to share some thanksgiving things with each of you. Since that is fast approaching.

Kids thanksgiving Party idea: GO HERE! But, be prepared to be in awe of everything! Totally cute!

Check out eighteen25 blogspot for ideas by clicking here.
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The crafts below are by the tipjunkie. Be sure to click on the link and explore all the ideas!
all crafts 20 Thanksgiving Crafts To Make
Go Over to the TipJunkie for more ideas!

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  1. Hi friend....I don't stop on here nearly as often as I should - but I wanted to let you know that I am implementing the "Random Acts of Christmas Kindness" in my house this year and have influenced HT to do the same. Thanks for the inspiration :) You're the best!