Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My first 20 mile session....

in training for the marathon this was my first and I have more to go.

Here are the lessons I learned in my first 20 mile session:
20 miles gives you LOTS of time to think. (This can be a good thing.)

Your body is capable of more than you give it credit for.

You learn what you are made of when you know a blister is forming and you finish your 20 miles anyway. Then carefully remove the shoe and sock to discover it's a bit larger than you thought. YIKES!

20 miles let me know that I can and will finish the marathon. (26.2 miles)

It taught me that finishing it will be enough---it's about the journey not the time.

The journey is more than the day of the "race". It's what it takes to get you there, too.

This journey can be so much more than just a way to stay fit, it can give you some enlightenment in other areas of life too---if you'll let it.

People will think you are nuts and there are times during it that you think that as well.

It's important to have supporters--you can't have enough.

Making one call on a 20 mile walk can change your perspective.

Having a friend meet you with smiling kids can lighten the load you are carrying.

Just when you thought your feet were tough, you realize they are not immune to blisters.

Knowing that your husband and child are cheering for you and proud of you--that is priceless and can carry you through the blister forming training.

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